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biasilveira February 15, 2013 00:41

Problem to load the blocking
Hello everyone!
I'm working with similar geometries of Hydrocyclones (Bradley and Rietema) in ICEM 14.0, and I already created the blocking to the first one.
Using the same .blk generated for the first geometry to the second one, when I import it, the blocking doesn't load the information:

Loading blocking file "C:/[...]/BP_MESH2/project1.blk"
Mesh size:

And when I tried to 'save as' the .blk file, on the first geometry, the window information informs this problem:
error copying "C:/[...]/BP_MESH1/blockingfinal.blk": no such file or directory
Previous blocking file saved as file blockingfinal.blk0
Writing blocking file {C:/[...]/BP_MESH1/blockingfinal.blk}

This files are created, but with the same problem of the first one!
What I need to do? :(

energy382 February 19, 2013 14:41

I once had the same error. Try to save the project or even blk in another (local) directory/,folder. Afterwards, you should be able to save the file to your common directory.

biasilveira February 24, 2013 23:04

The problem remains the same!

There is another way to solve this?

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