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tongnan February 19, 2013 06:47

combination GAMBIT and ICEM
Hello Far and all,
you have said:
"7. You can use combination of different meshers. For example recently one of my freind used the Gambit and ICEM. They used Gambit for geometry cleaning (also reproduces some dirty parts) and tetra volume mesh. This mesh was saved in .msh format and imported into ICEM. Where with build topoogy underlying goemtry was reproduced and then prism mesh was extruded from the tetra mesh near to wall surface."

According to your suggestion, i have saved *.msh in GAMBIT and imported in ICEM. My question is how i can build topology underlying geometry? After importing in ICEM the geometry is not available.

Sixkillers February 19, 2013 08:44

I guess it is: Menu bar Edit - "Mesh -> Facets" and then confirm building sharp features.

tongnan February 19, 2013 09:31

thank you for your reply. I can not find the button. can you give a picture?

Sixkillers February 21, 2013 04:25

It is not a button, but a menu entry.

So here you go:

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