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sujay February 20, 2013 03:06

mesh in-dependency and mesh quality control
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Dear All,

I need help in mesh in-dependency and mesh quality control.

My geometry has submerged pipe, hence it has few single edges and multiple edges. Will they affect simulation ?

During mesh quality check i get, message like Multiple edge, single Egde and Delaunay Violation asking for sub set creation. How to tackle this problem ?

During build topology, inlet & outlet which are circle gets subdivided, therefore i am not using build topology. Is it necessary to apply build topology for geometry. I am constructing whole geometry from vertices.

For Meshing i am using smaller size at inlet and outlet (Max size 4 mm) through part mesh setting and for rest region through Global mesh size (Max Size).

With fixed max mesh size for inlet and outlet, I want to set global mesh size. The change in total element and node is as below,
Global Mesh Size (Max) Total Element Nodes
64 mm 414383 72421
32 mm 461344 80527
16 mm 841709 145118

How total element/nodes depend on Global mesh size? Please guide to select mesh size for mesh in-dependency.

Thanks Sujay

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