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RSaid February 27, 2013 18:18

Cutcell meshing skewness
I have decided to use the cutcell method to mesh the volume of fluid around the hull but this method is giving me some trouble with the skewness of some cells ( less than100 cells are highly skewed) which is larger than 0.98. I have tried different sizing functions but this did not help to lower it.
> Do you have any ideas on my current problem which may help me ?

is skewness in cutcell a big problem ? (i.e. will fluent have problems in convergence ?)


zachsmith December 16, 2014 13:09

Bump. I am having the same issue with this. I have had this issue with high skewness cells on the edge of cylinders with multiple meshes now. So I believe it is most likely something that I am not doing correctly. Any help would be appreciated.


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