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Far February 28, 2013 15:46

What is Hexa merge
Refer to slide #42 and 43 and also 70 in ICEM CFD tip and tricks 2010

I cannot understand what is hexa merge and how to use it with octree or other tetra meshing method...

diamondx February 28, 2013 16:26

When you have a wing for example, block the wing , convert to unstructured, delete the volume mesh. create surface mesh in tetra for far field, grow the prism and generate a delaunay...

PSYMN February 28, 2013 17:12

Actually, for the merge to work, you need volume elements on both sides. If one side only has quads (without hexas behind), then you should use "make Conformal".

It is like merge mesh, but instead of using it to merge a hexa and tetra flow region end to end, you have one inside the other, such as a hexa wing inside a tetra volume. The end result is nicely ordered quads along the interface.

It is the kind of thing you don't need to work out unless it is what you are trying to do... The hexa radiator in a tetra under-hood is probably more common than the wing example...

diamondx February 28, 2013 17:38

Thanks Simon for this

Another question :o,
Please refer to this slide below:

I'm not very familiar with the terms used, the "automatic bottom up" approach means when i initialize 2d surface blocking, right ?
If so, why does this feature not work when one wants to initialize each individual surface. I noticed that when i do it for a wing, later on i can't initialize a new 2d block for another surface, i will have to replace everything.

What does "manual component approach", i guess , generating 2d planar blocking manually, right ?... How do we sew, merging vertex ?

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