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hz283 March 2, 2013 10:44

Generate multiply bodies and then mesh them one by one
Hi All,

I met a problem these days, and could anybody help me with it? I will describe my question taking an example of a pipe geometry.

1, First I divide the pipe into three sections: body1, body2 and body3, The reason why I did this is that in the actual case, the geometry is complicated so I want to 'cut' the geometry (fluid regions) into three part. Besides, I can set the different parameters for the different bodies.

2, When generating mesh for body1, I make other parts belonging to body2 and body3 not visible on the screen. I choose Octree and the geometry as 'visiable'. Then the mesh for body1 is successfully done.

3, Repeat procedure for body2: make parts of body1 and body3 not visible. Do the same thing then as procedure 2. However, after doing I found that the mesh for body1 generated in procedure 2 is deleted by ICEM. The mesh now is only for body2. The goal is to generate body2 mesh but meanwhile not delete the mesh of body1 from last step.

So now I had that problem, I would like to generate mesh body by body, but it seemed I failed. Does anybody know how to solve this problem.

Thank you so much.

macfly March 3, 2013 16:27

see here with a blocking approach:

Without blocking, you can
- create multiple bodies in your pipe (see my pipe made of 3 adjacent cylinders => 3 bodies)
- generate octree mesh in entire geometry
- then adjust mesh density for the body(ies) of your choice. See figure.

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