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Teradil March 4, 2013 03:52

ogrid to h-grid connection
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Hi all,

i have a problem with my blocking strategy. Pls give me some advise to improve my angle-quality.

I have a complex flow channel with 6 bores at their outer radius. I want to have a o-grid in my bores - but without going it far in my flow channel.
My current solution is shown in my paint draw.
The problem is that ICEM is going to project the ogrid to the block above my bore.. The block above is a mapped circle. - But it is possible.. because i have 6 bores in a row.. and the inner 4 are ok. There ICEM only projects the ogrid to 2 sides and my angles are ok.

So, i'm searching for a function to change the projection-typ of the inner ogrid-block. I hope you can help me without my real geometry.

Thats a lot!


Teradil March 4, 2013 05:45

Ok, the thread can be closed.
I solved my problem by increasing the dinstance from the inner ogrid block to the circle-curve/surface. ICEM mapped the inner block to a circle form to improve the angle quality in the bore.
By increasing the distance, icem don't do that and the inner block remains in a square form..

Anyway, thanks for that forum!

Far March 4, 2013 05:59

can you show us some pics of mesh before problem and after correcting it...

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