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darkEnergy March 4, 2013 22:08

Dormant Geometry/Removing Geometry from Part

I've recently come across the elusive "dormant curves and points" my question is how are they first created and what is their purpose?

My second question and seems like it should be an easy fix but I can't find any feature that allows me to remove geometry from a part, I've added some surfaces to a part that I no longer what to be associated with that part, is there anyway to remove them?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!


BrolY March 5, 2013 06:12

User manual :

Dormant curves and points are a fundamental part of ANSYS ICEM CFD feature build topology. When build topology is performed, the software builds connectivity information between surfaces. For example, a surface is attached to a set of curves that is attached to a set of points. This information is needed for flood fill operations, patch based meshing, and many geometry operations that require connectivity information. When a curve is made dormant, the curve is still in the database and can be restored through this feature. Thus the connectivity between the surfaces still exists. Dormant curves and points can also be displayed by right clicking on Curves and Points Display Trees and selecting Show Dormant. Curves and points can be made dormant either by deleting them with Delete permanently option disabled, through building topology with feature angle and filter points/curves enabled, or through feature detection tools. If a curve or point is dormant, it will not be recreated when building topology, but build topology may make it active. If a curve or point is permanently deleted, it is removed from the database. If the topology is rebuilt, the curve will be recreated. Flood fill, and patch based meshing will also fail across a boundary (curve or point) that has been permanently deleted. Curves and points that are unattached to surfaces or curves will always be permanently deleted, as the sole purpose of dormant curves and points is to maintain connectivity between attached geometry.

About deleting a surface from a part, maybe I have not well understood your question but : Geometry -> Delete Any Entities
Or you can right click on Parts -> Create Part
Or you can right click on a part (let's say GEOM for example) -> Add to part.

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