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jekmann March 5, 2013 02:42

Problem with a volume mesh generation
Dear All,

I am trying to make a model of the cleanroom with moving person (with ICEM-CFD). But there is a problem with volume meshing.
The geometry is simple (files are below) but I don't know, why is a problem with volume meshing? (surfaces are meshed well)
Does anybody have an experience with ICEM-CFD meshing? Could you tell me, where could be a problem with volume? Because I have no a big experience with ICEM-CFD (Before ICEM-CFD I have used another software)

meshing files:

jekmann March 5, 2013 05:41

I have found strange thing in meshing:
If I meshed all geometry "Hexa" - all surfaces are meshed, but volumes aren't;
The error is following: error orienting normals, perhaps there is more than one region error in output_region_boundaries.
but if I meshed all geometry "Tetra" - the volumes are meshed, but the surfaces, which are "connected", I mean surfaces which are "interface" between LEFT-INTERIOR and MOVING-MESH-FRONT-LEFT and etc. (inside the geometry model) aren't meshed. You can see it at the attached link above.

wenshenghu March 6, 2013 22:24

How to download the mesh file?Maybe I could help you

wenshenghu March 6, 2013 22:28

Hi, email is You can send the mesh to me.

kad March 7, 2013 13:46

For tetra meshing you have to define the interface surfaces as internal walls under part mesh setup.

Also blocking for this geometry should be pretty easy, even for a beginner. Just look for some tutorials and go for it;).

The internal wall option only applies to Octree. To mesh the interface surfaces you have to associate the faces to their corresponding surfaces.

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