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bl!nk March 5, 2013 08:56

Locked node numbers on edges are changed by ICEM
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Hello everyone, I am running into a bit of a problem and I wanted to ask, if someone here knows a solution.

I am trying to 3D hexa mesh the geometry of a furnace with a dummy load. I have got around 30 blocks or so and the edges don't all line up. E.g. I have 5 edges which have the same number of nodes combined as 1-3 other edges combined further down the x-axis. What I want to have is a symmetric mesh, so I enabled "Nodes/Parameters locked" on 4 of the 5 edges (the outer ones) in order to force ICEM to change the number of nodes on the edge that isn't locked (the one that is split by the symmetry axis) if I change something on the 3 edges. But even though the number of nodes is locked ICEM sometimes changes it instead of the number on the "free" edge. Is there maybe any special sequence I need to follow when I set the parameters on the edges, e.g. set the "free" edge last? Or is there any "real hard lock" feature where ICEM can't change the node number on its own anymore?

I hope the image below can help in understanding my problem.

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