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mrenergy March 5, 2013 17:30

smooth curves from points
Hi everyone,

when I import the coordinates of my airfoil (points, curves, and surfaces) the leading edge get somewhat sharp and doesn't pass over the points exactly when closing it up.

I imported the points only and drew the leading edge manually, it became smoother, but is very expensive in time consumed.

how can I get my airfoil smooth and accurate without hitting each point to draw it manually?

thanks in advance,


darkEnergy March 9, 2013 17:08

How many curves are you importing? To get the smoothest curve you should import only 1 curve, say you import 80 points and 80 curves you're just going to get a bunch of straightlines. the more points per curves the smoother the curve.
I hope this helps.

mrenergy March 9, 2013 18:33

thank you Matt, for your reply.

for one run, I have one airfoil with two curves (upper and lower surface), 90 points each.
but I have about 30 airfoils.
actually, I imported the coordinates file as points without curves, then drew the two curves by hitting each point. the leading edge get smoother.
Besides, I used the reply script to repeat these steps for the other airfoils.
but I am asking if there is another more modern way for more complicated applications.

darkEnergy March 9, 2013 18:46

I see, it's funny I'm actually doing something very similar but instead of importing the points (because every airfoil has a different number of reference points) I only import the curve into a template file I've created that contains the far field and then I run a replay script that adds about 160 points to the curve and then does all the geometry, associating and meshing for me. Once the script is done I just double check the mesh and save. It saves so much time.

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