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asal March 6, 2013 17:34

Measure distance in ICEM

I want to measure the length of a curve in ICEM useing info> curve length option. I already knows that the length of this curve is 67 cm, but ICEM show me 86.5!!! I try some other curves, but for all ICEM shows me a wrong number!
I am totally confused! how theses two values related to each other?


BrolY March 7, 2013 04:13

That tool works for me.

How can you be so sure of your curve length ?
if you measured it with the tool "measure Distance" (from points), it can show a difference. Sometimes, the points of a curve are not at the exact end of the curve (it's linked to the build topology option of some ICEM tools such as "Create Surface" for example). But the curve length option measures the exact length of a curve.

asal March 7, 2013 04:54

Hello and thanks for your reply.
I have used the info> curve length option. I am sure about the length of the curve! but I don't know why this values returned for the curve length !!

Far March 8, 2013 05:23

A simple test would to draw a circle with known radius and measure its circumference with ICEM tool and compare it to analytical value.

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