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darkEnergy March 9, 2013 17:36

Why use a body?
I'm teaching myself ICEM and I'm confused as to what purpose creating a body serves, I've been doing 2 dimensional analysis on airfoils and getting reasonable results without ever creating a body so can someone briefly explain to me the importance?



jyh3134 March 9, 2013 18:34

Defining each body can be used when flow is multiphase, heat transfer etc.
It's up to variaty of material I think.

darkEnergy March 9, 2013 18:39

So are you saying for my purpose of calculating lift and drag on a 2D airfoil, I don't really need a body?

jyh3134 March 9, 2013 19:20

yes simple 2-D flow at least.
If you set the part and B.C appropriately, The solver will find fluid zone automatically.

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