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Yatekii March 13, 2013 03:02

Troubles with ICEM Hexa scripting
Hey guys!

I am working on a script to enhance the blocking process in icem hexa ..
Maybe you all know the beta feature "3D Key Point Blocking".
It creates a blocking, with yet done blocks, derived from the geometry.
Bad with this feature is the thing, that it does not consider surfaces. just 3D objects.
So I want to enhance this by spliting the edges that are parallel to the surface by the corner points of the surface.
The thing is: I know the corner-point-names plus the curve-name between them. But this is no edge!!
The command to use is "ic_hex_split_grid" but this will just accept the numbers of the points at the ends of the edge and not their names.
I know this sounds like I did no researches at all but in fact I did a lot. Everywhere is written that to start you can just watch the replay. But sorry, the replay is one of the most intransparent things I EVER saw. I mean for sure the engine can form the exact command in Tcl when it knows ALL the information. When you click on an edge it knows like one bilion times more than us.
Maybe I do know too less but at the moment I am kind of disapointed by Tcl because the information I am provided by is so few.

I would be really glad if anyone can help me! Because at the moment I am even reading and encapsuling the .tin geometry file by myself in python, because I was not really able to get the needed information by Tcl.
I know ICEM is really strong on what it does, so it would be very helpful if I could script it properly.

Thanks to everyone and sorry for writing in a little negative attitude, but I had to get rid of this ;)

PSYMN March 14, 2013 09:04

Hey Yatekii,

That key point blocking is probably not the best way to start a scripting because you don't know how the blocking will look. You are trying to make a script that is independent of the topology, which is very difficult.

When I script blocking, I use the top down method and make my own splits at points, etc. Since the topology is fixed I always know what edge I need to split next.

There are ways to make topology independent scripts, but you need to use queries to investigate the model. For instance there is a command to find out the location of a point and then there is another command to find the nearest curve or surface to that location. I don't recall if there is a command to find the nearest edge...

FJSJ April 24, 2013 10:09

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Originally Posted by PSYMN (Post 413976)

For instance there is a command to find out the location of a point...


I just want to know if "find location" tool is only for the points. I want to make sure about it. Because Ive been reading the Help Manual and Ive not found that this tool can measure a "vertex location" too.. but.. when I use this option with any point gives me a small yellow point but when I use it with a vertex gives me a big yellow point. So.. I just want to make sure that gives me the real location of this vertex. Anybody know about it?

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