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lacaillg March 13, 2013 07:07

Big problem with named selections

I'll try to explain my problem simply : I have to simulate a water flow in a vertical tube in the ocean. I have chosen an asymmetric method and just model half of the tube and the ocean on ANSYS WORKBENCH. The problem is : my tube is supposed to have 0 thickness, so I decided to put two blocks : one with the fluid which is in the tube and the other one on the right with the water in the ocean. The problem is I want to name the Edge which is between those two parts but I can't ! When all the parts of my system are shown on the screen I just can't select this Edge (the two blocks become stick together) and when I choose to hide one block, name the selection and Generate, my model is said to be unvalid or something like this ... It's necessary for me to have this "wall" named selection to apply conditions on the wall (non slip etc ...).

I've got the same problem with the inlet and outlet of the pipe, because I'm also modeling the ocean under and above ... Please help !


Guillaume from France

flotus1 March 13, 2013 07:19

The two blocks you are talking about... I guess they are created with the "surface from sketches" method with one sketch for the fluid inside the tube and another sketch for the surrounding fluid..
Did you select "add frozen" in the options of the surface creation?
This should enable you to select the faces individually.

lacaillg March 13, 2013 07:38

That's it ! Thanks a lot flotus1 ! :)

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