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liliana March 13, 2013 15:48

Split Curve
Hello everyone,

i'm new in ICEM and i'm with some problems to split a curve.

I imported my geometry from Workbench (Desing Modeler). I need to construct an o-grid, I have 4 circles (curves), that form tubes, which are not allign to the global coordinates (inclined). I'm confused about place 4 edges (supposed to form a square) inside a circle. How can I allign the edges to make an 90 angle between them?

First, I had an idea to split my circle in 4 points and associate the vertex to the points. But I don't know to split my circle (curve).

Anyone can help me, please?


liliana March 13, 2013 20:42

Here is a picture of my geometry. I need to certify that the angle between the egdes are equal to 90.

Anyone can help me, please?

PSYMN March 14, 2013 09:11

Usually, that is close enough ;)

But if you want to be sure, you can go to the geometry tab => Create/Modify Point => Parameter along a curve. Type in a number like .25 or .125 to get a point in the right place. Then add 0.25 to that to get the next one, etc.

You don't actually need to segment the curve, but if you wanted to, that would be under Geometry => Create/Modify Curve => Segment Curve.

Then go back to blocking associations and associate the verts to the points.

Best regards,


liliana March 14, 2013 09:26

Hello Simon,

I just made a test and it seems to work very well.

When I did the associations, the angle was not equal to 90. All the vertex was at the same point, and I fix them by moving freely. That's why I need to be certain about the angle.

Thanks a lot! I was very helpful.

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