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mvoss March 20, 2013 09:52

scripting BL distribution
this is regarding the scripting capability of ICEM within in WorkBench2.0.
Iīve got a 3D fluid domain, surrounding an airfoil which i have properly meshed in ICEM.
These are the points of interest:
When choosing the new "MeshParameter-Function" from within ICEM when adjusting the edge bunching etc. and creating a workbench input parameter , you can only select one edge at a time, right? Does that imply that i have to create as many parameters with the same number, letīs say 0.001, as i have edges forming my boundary layer?
Or vice versa: Can i force ICEM to check also for the "Copy to all parallel edges" feature?

This brought me to problem number 2#
I tried to set up a simply script.
-load the blocking
-adjust mesh sizing by picking ONE edge (the one with the created parameter known by Workbench!) and apply command with "Copy to all parallel edges"
When doing this like described, Workbench and ICEM are using different decimal encodings (, vs. .) which stops the script ("Replay failed; syntax error in expression "0,12345*0.001": extra tokens at end of expression") because of 3#.
Even when i choose 0.001 within ICEM to adjust the height in the edgespacing, the created parameter is set to 1, so i have to convert back in the script.

3# and 2# are easy to fix in this case but 1# remains for discussion. Is there a better way? Do i really have to pic ALL edges?


mvoss March 20, 2013 12:55

i managed to fix the "encoding" issue via

set GSH1 [ic_wb2_get_parameter input "Edge Params (195 197): Spacing 2"]
set GSH1 [string map {, .} $GSH1]

mvoss March 20, 2013 13:04

and forcing the "copy to all" via script and user_defined_parameter.

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