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asal March 21, 2013 08:13

Problem with ICEM Script Meshing
Hello everybody!

I have a problem with ICEM Script which I want to use for mesh generation.

First, all the setting for the prism layers don't save in the Script file and every time, I have to assign them manually.
2nd, just the values which I set in Part Mesh Setup is saved in the Script. For instance the values 0.1 was set to a part already, when I set other values except this and click on apply button, then just the values which I set now is saved in the script and that 0.1 values ignored. so for the next time the script impose all the values except this one.
Any solution or idea about this issue?

Finally I have theses two files:

jthiakz March 23, 2013 16:30

ICEM Script error
you no need to keep this prism.param file. you can set all the parameters in script itself.
# when you record the script , do it sequentially.

asal March 23, 2013 20:11

Hello and thanks for your reply.

But why the Prism setting did not save in the script?! I try it several time, but I got the same result! I did everything sequentially.

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