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OMJT March 22, 2013 07:09

ICEM Structured Mesh Problem
Hi Everyone,

I am having a problem with my structured mesh. It meshes a relatively simple structure and consists of O-grids around the structure and then H-grid for the rest. At a low mesh density its quality is very high yet when I increase the mesh density some very strange things happen:

1) Originally the mesh started to distort massively and would overlap other bits of mesh and actually cover the solid part of the structure where the mesh should not be.

2) After this was solved by carefully breaking the structure down into separate curves and attaching the mesh carefully to this the mesh was exported to Fluent. Here I received an error that there was a node with no face. When I looked closely at the location the mesh had distorted there too! This point was well away from the structure and not somewhere where the mesh was doing anything special. It was on the boundary between an O-grid mesh and H-grid.

If anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated! Why is increasing the mesh density having this strange effect?



diamondx March 22, 2013 08:06

that should not happen. some picture or files can help....

BrolY March 22, 2013 08:09

Post pictures.

OMJT March 22, 2013 11:06

Thanks for the replies. I have photos which I will send when I am at that computer tomorrow.

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