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Prince@NTUA March 23, 2013 16:07

Import IGES file from CATIA to ICEM CFD 13.0
Hello All,

I have designed a very simple line sketch in CATIA v5, (it looks like a bullet - axis-symmetric) and I want to import it as IGES to ICEM - CFD (that;s the file format I have in mind). I want to proceed with a C-Mesh creation. I make the block and associate the edges of the block with the curves of the outer domain. When I have to arrange the mesh properties (max size) of Farfield , outflow and sketch, the mesh is not created. I have found out that it has to do with the IGES input geometry.

Is there any procedure that should I follow at the very beginning when I import the IGES file to ICEM CFD??

Thanks in advance.


jthiakz March 23, 2013 17:57

better save your CATIAV5 model into CATIA V4 **.model instead of IGES. then import the same CATIA V4 model in ICEM CFD.while importing check the option to keep the sketch points & curves with surfaces if u have any.
# After blocking
# chk block quality, then convert that into mesh.

Prince@NTUA March 23, 2013 18:22

thank you so much. It really worked !! :)

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