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m0h March 30, 2013 16:06

2D Surfaces in 3D Model
Hi all,

I am struggling with a mesh issue. I am trying to do a rotor / stator CFX analysis. The model works so far, but i am using a unstructured mesh. Now i want to use a structured one to improve calculation speed by reducing elements. I found this Post via google search

Then i have seen that there is a seperate meshing and geometry section.

As i already mentioned, i would like to mesh my geometry with a structured mesh. I have got a solid model with 2D walls in it. I used the "Thin Surface" command from the designed modeller and this command merged the 2D walls into the solid. I got 12 ribs / baffles on the outer diameter.

My model looks like that:

I tried to mesh with the ansys auto mesher, it worked but only with Tetrahedrons. Then i tried the method "multi zone" without success. Then I tried to select the outer and inner edges and used equal "number of divisions" to go for a structured mesh, but also without success.

With the method meshing "hex dominant" i get the following error:

Thank you for your support in advance,

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