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elina March 30, 2013 20:46

Inflation layer _ Boundary Problem
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When I am giving some mesh where there is a solid part (Sphere) and a an enclosure which is considered to be fluid (Rectangular Box) and while meshing I have to mesh the surface between the solid and fluid as fine meshing or have to give some inflation layer , but when I go for that option its asking for boundary which I am not able to give any boundary...I am able to select the named selection of Inlet but then its asking for boundary ..which I cant give in any way..and I just want at the inlet region little fine meshing...since the flow starts from there....and also on the surface of the solid where the fluid flows since its a heat transfer problem so have to see the heat transfer...

Kindly have a look at my geometry and tell me ....I hope you can understand better...I have to mesh the sphere in such a way that I get very less number of elements and the fluid zone as the hexa mesh and have to see the outlet temperature for different number of elements in fluid zone and solid zone....
Kindly help me these two problems....
Thanks in advance

dkx209 March 31, 2013 07:48

Elina there must be a folder with your file named as my_assignment_files. Please also zip that as well.

elina March 31, 2013 08:03

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Ah it is.....kindly have a look and pls tell me...

dkx209 March 31, 2013 08:30

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Elina please check the attached image, is this kind of mesh you are looking for? Because this is what I got from your question.

elina March 31, 2013 08:47

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Hallo Sir

I would say no Becoz from that I can see the elements for both sphere region and fluid region all together comes in the range of 10^5 if I am correct..we actually doing a heat transfer simulation and the spheres are granite and just on the surface we need a bit fine meshing and towards the depth of the sphere we need very less number of elements..from yours I can see its fine mesh over the volume and we need a structured mesh so the sphere can me meshed like say layers (like Onion) or like concentric spheres just the meshing the geometry is just one sphere....See the image attached...and there the layers are having some that...Hexa meshing

I am not able to do this type of meshing in the ansys workbench....and also how to do that fillet between the two contact of spheres....???

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