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leo_NM April 2, 2013 14:43

Problems with boundary condition
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Good afternoon.

I'm dealing with ICEM steep learning curve, I solved the problem (thanks guys from CFDonline) with the points of the airfoil. Now I'm having problens with Fluent recognizing my boundary conditions.

The method I used was:

1- Draw the farfield and defined the curves with names ENTRADA (inlet); SAIDA(outlet), PAREDES(upper and down wall) and AEROFOLIO (airfoil).

2- I saved *.msh using ANSYS Fluent and NASTRAN as solver. I Know that the ideal case would be ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS as solver, but this is the third time I try to define the boundary, in the other tries I selected ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS as solver.

3- Defined the boundary conditions ( see the pictures).

How can I configure ICEM + Fluent to recognize my Inlet B.C.

I attached some images.

thanks !

Far April 2, 2013 23:42

you need separate curve and edge for ICEM to recognise the boundary condition.

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