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FredRaw April 3, 2013 15:43

Not able to mesh flow region only surface of body
Hi guys!

I am quite a rookie at CFD and have a fairly complex problem to solve. Trying to simulate the fluid flow in a static N-mixer.. I have imported the geometry from solidworks into Ansys workbench, specified the mixing element as solid and the enclosing pipe as "fluid", or body surround the mixing element. When I try to mesh the flow path, the mesh is only on the surface of the bodies and not covering the flow path. What have I done wrong, or what am I missing?

Thanks for any suggestions and advice



Far April 4, 2013 01:27

Either display cut plane or import mesh to Fluent in-order to see whether the volume is meshed or not.

FredRaw April 19, 2013 05:06

Thanks for your answer! Ive used a option called fill, to make a new body for the flow area and specified it as a fluid. Now it seems that I am able to mesh the fluid volume.

Best Regards


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