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asal April 4, 2013 11:07

How to run ICEM over parallel processor?

I want to run ICEM over parallel processing. I follow the path "Settings => General => number of processors" to assign number of the processors which I want to used by ICEM. But it doesn't work and still ICEM used just one processor.
Any idea about this issue?

BrolY April 4, 2013 11:50

It's not a bug, ICEM can use more than 1 proc only for some operations, not all the time.

asal April 4, 2013 12:44


What do you mean by some operations?
Why not for the all? And what is those operations?

davidwilcox April 4, 2013 13:53

what is it exactly that you wanna do with the multiple processors?

asal April 4, 2013 14:23

Since I have huge number of node in a geometry, after each modification, it takes a very long time to see check the quality and/or mesh preview. ICEM just use one processor out of 12 (around 7%). So if it run over the whole, then I got much more speed.

davidwilcox April 5, 2013 15:51

i am checking with the ANSYS people in Calgary and hopefully they will give me a reply

asal April 8, 2013 03:17


Since I ask for the answer and I got reply, I want to share it with the others.

Only the volume meshing using the Octree approach can take advantage of the parallel option in ICEM!

Far April 8, 2013 14:19

In fact octree is the most resource consuming method.

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