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kiddmax April 5, 2013 18:02

Wind turbine blades meshing
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Hello all.

I want to generate the mesh for horizontal wind turbine blades. the turbine has two blades. In order to reduce the computational time, I want to generate the half circular computational domain, see the pic. and use periodic boundary conditions for the two different color surfaces.

And My questions now is: If I want to be able to define the two surface boundary conditions,let's say perid_1 and perid_2. That means I have to associate edges or vertices or faces to the "real" surfaces. Now I can not generation right O grid around airfoil due to there have two block at the lowest surface, I think, and the result seems uncorrected resulting in making O grid fail.Does it come from the two blocks main in the surface. Does someone have a better idea to solve it?

Pospelov April 17, 2013 14:09

It's hard to say. Is it possible to post the tin file, because if you have a half wind turbine you should have a half hub, but I cannot see it in your picture.
You have got something, but I cannot exectly see what is it.:)

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