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poikadoom April 5, 2013 19:31

A trivial problem
So I'm a newbie here and self-trained in Ansys (hence a bit unskilled).

I have a problem :

Apparently when I choose to change dimensions of Layer B, the dimensions of Layer A and Layer C also change.Is it because Layer A and Layer C are a pattern of Layer B ?

By the way what do you mean by a pattern ? Is it simply a copy-pasted image of an existing geometry ?

The project I'm working on is a 3 layered plate (each layer of plate stuck to the other).If I want to create such a geometry , then what should I do (except using solidworks , catia or other CAD programs since neither do I have knowledge nor resources to use them).

Thank You in advance.

poikadoom April 5, 2013 19:38

Link to the geometry file : Dropbox

Please see this incase if you file the screenshot insufficient to answer.

Thank You again.

Jeremy B. April 8, 2013 02:22

You may be able to create your 3 layers using 3 Extrude.

Juste create one layer, use the top or bottom surface to create your second layer (just extrude the surface) and do it again for the third layer.

If i understand you right, all of your 3 layers are the same except the thickness.
So it should work for your application :
The 3 layers will be stuck to each other but with independant thickness

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