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linyx April 6, 2013 11:47

3d high lift meshing
Hey guys, I have a problem that troubles me several days, about 3d high lift wings meshings. I have a question about its meshing strategy

the wing tip is a blunt, flat plate tip. I first mesh the wing root using the boundary layer mesh around the slat,wing,and flap, the first grid height is very low(10e-6chord), and then use the tri mesh to fill other 2d aera. To generate the 3d mesh, I translate this 2d meshing to the wing tip. the wing tip is then meshed by tri mesh, at last, the translated mesh and wing tip mesh are translated again, to a far field,(like cooper in gambit)

but when i take them into the fluent, then calculation seems not to converge. the continuity residuals is 10e2, the velocity and pressure are not physics

But when I take away that boundary layer mesh, the solution then converged!but I can not ensure the first grid Y+,which is easy to control for boundary layers.

So what wrong with my previous mesh? the skewness is Ok, just the aspect ratio is a bit large(which is plausible) after checking, does it have anything to do with the wing tip aera where the wing tip mesh is so large compared to the inner boundary layer mesh, or else? Any other meshing strategy available?

If you have any idea after reading, please leave your thought, Thank you!

ps: I am using the Pointwise meshing tool

Far April 7, 2013 03:36

There is already a tutorial (sort of) on the similar geometry on this forum with full hexa mesh in ICEM.

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