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RPFigueiredo April 9, 2013 09:29

Changing rotation axis
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Hello again,

Although I have suffered a bit, I've managed to create a reasonable mesh for a rotor-stator system on ICEM. However, when I came to perform the computation on CFX, I realize that perhaps it is necessary that the mesh be properly aligned with the correspondent axis of rotation on ICEM.

As you can see in the images, I would like to realign the whole mesh so that its centre is actually the curve I drew through the points 0,0,0 and 0,100,0 (ie. y axis).

Attachment 20594

Attachment 20595

Also, since this mesh only shows the rotor, I would like to know how to achieve the same re-positioning with the stator so that they end up properly aligned (ie match two corners of each mesh to the exact same location, perhaps).

Thank you in advance!

diamondx April 9, 2013 10:41

i'm not sure of what you want to do. but i know how. you'll find happiness under the edit mesh tab - transform mesh...

RPFigueiredo April 10, 2013 10:53

Yeah, you got it!

Thanks a lot!

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