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athonyburk April 9, 2013 10:23

Beginner's question - How to refine a mesh?
Hello, everyone!

I have just started studying ICEM CFD 12.1. While I was practicing an example (hexa mesh generation for a 2D pipe junction) in the tutorial manual, I followed a series of steps of adjusting the edge distribution to refine the mesh. For example, I entered 27 for nodes of an edge and 1.2 for both ratio 1&2, etc.

However, I was wondering how were those parameters achieved? Is there a general rule/strategy or it just based on experience? Or I'll have to adjust them over and over according to the quality check of meshing? Still, there are way to many criterions. Which one to refer?

I don't have any meshing experience before so I'd love to hear your answers. Thank you!


ShowponyStuart April 10, 2013 00:19

Im very inexperienced in ICEM so take what I say with a grain of salt but I think it prioritises the amount of nodes and then tries to fit the other parameters.

So if it cant satisfy the conditions you set it will change them, and it tell what it changed the values to in the grey boxes next to the spacing1 and ratio1 etc for example.

Im not sure if thats what you meant or if you meant how do you decide the parameters in the first place, but hopefully I helped.

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