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Evona April 14, 2013 08:01

Importing Solidworks body (incl parameters) into DesignModeler
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Hi there!

I am having trouble getting DesignModeler to carry over the Global Parameters from a Solidworks body.

I have accomplished this well enough using NX 7 in the past but for some reason it won't work this time around with a Solidworks CAD file.

From what I understand, the Solidworks Global Variables must be named in such a way (with a double capital letter prefix):

Attachment 20718

Then, using the Add-on:

Attachment 20719

The Geometry file is liked to ANSYS Workbench and set into a Geometry Component:

Attachment 20720

Opening DesignModeler presents this screen:

Attachment 20721

The highlighted line in the previous image ('Basic Geometry Options' - 'Parameter Key') is default at "DS" so this needs to be changed to "ES" so DesignModeler can detect the parameters in the Solidworks geometry file.

This is where the problem is.

The geometry is imported perfectly but the Global Parameters are not :/

I tried changing the Solidworks Global Parameters to "DS" and even that didn't help.

Any ideas?

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