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sihaqqi April 16, 2013 03:31

Gemoetry in Ansys DM anad Meshing

My geometry is two pipes intersecting at each other at 90degrees forming an L-shaped cylinder. When I make circles and extrude, I get this geometry but I can only define number of meshes at circle edges and junction curve. I want to define number of nodes longitudinally along the pipe but since using extrude command, I do not get longitudinal edges, I cannot do it. With defining number of nodes at edges, I can refine my mesh as much as possible but if I want to control refining making dense at junction and coarse along the length, it does not work to save computation time.

I have tried to draw the same geometry by sketching two lines perpendicular to each other but with revolve command, I can only draw one cylinder. When I want to draw second cylinder, it does not revolve. Can anyone help?


vasava April 16, 2013 09:35

You can try with 'sizing' in the mesh control options. You can roughly calculate the size of the element and give it as a 'maximum'. I think this would work.

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