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AS_Aero April 16, 2013 10:06

Grid convergence study
Hallo Friends

Please help me ..I want to do a grid convergence study for a heat transfer problem.I have a solid body above which fluid flows and have to see the grid convergence study for this ,I am giving inlet temperature as 363 K velocity as 0.0001m/s and the initial temperature as 300K the fluid and the body also given as 300 K...So Kindly help to do this....

I have attached my geometry ..Kindly tell me...and should I do a steady state or Transient simulation for that..??

Thanks in advance...

J_Mann June 7, 2013 04:29

As far as I am aware, if the boundary conditions do not change with time, i.e. the geometry is a constant shape and the fluid flow has constant inlet/outlet conditions such as velocity or pressure then it is a steady state problem.

A grid convergence study is essentially starting with low number of elements in your mesh and plotting how the solution changes as you refine the mesh (in the correct areas). More info on the meshing of the geometry could help here??

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