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Zyryx April 24, 2013 09:43

Problem with periodicity
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I'm having a problem with defining periodicity in my geometry. My geometry is very simple, you can see it here:
Attachment 21092
It's a part of the Tesla's rotor. I consider only 1/10 of the rotor, so in the Global Mesh Setup->Set up Periodicity I've set the base at (0 0 0), the direction of the axis of rotation (0 0 1) and the angle 36 degrees.
And some info about the volume meshing parameters:
mesh type: tetra/mixed
mesh metod: Robust

When I'm trying to generate mesh I get the following error:


couldn't find a live point when defining
periodic surfaces: if there are problems please
try creating one before running tetra.
In the mean time I will make a guess
please re-check periodic axis (0 0 1) and base point (0 0 0)
Could anyone tell what is wrong?

RodriguezFatz April 29, 2013 08:43

Dear Zyryx, do you still face the problem? Since your geometry is that simple, why don't you use hexa/structured meshing? What do you use for solving?

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