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waiter120 May 3, 2013 08:58

Automatic geometry preparation for hex mesh and circle curve splitting
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I am learning ICEM CFD. And watch one interesting video
( video №4 (L-type geometry with 4 inlets).
Author of this video make hex mesh very fast and easy.

But one thing is not clear for me.

When he starts work with blocking, he has a lot of predefined points on geometry.
On circle curves there are 4 points like on figure №2 (not like on figure №1).
Also he said that this point can be automatically calculated base on the feature angle and tolerance (if I hear correctly).

So my question is how we can split circle curves to 4 arc curves automatically (like in figure №2)?
And how prepare geometry for hex meshing add additional points - also in automatic?

I find some answers, but they need a lot of work to do :(
1. In ICEM make on circle curve 4 points and split this curve by them. (allot work on every curve)
2. In ANSYS DesignModeler split edge command + split type: split by N=8 (this variant is a good one)
It will be cool to do this preparation in automatic not by hand :)

diamondx May 3, 2013 10:38

under geometry tab, click on create point --- select "paramater along a curve". if you give it 0.5, the point will be created half way the curve... use 0.25 and .75 to get what you want.

waiter120 May 5, 2013 11:00

Thanks for answer.
But Im mentioned this variant (see my answer №1).
To deal with this you should create 4 points and than splits. A lot of hand work, not cool!
Using DesignModeler is much faster, but not really automatic.

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