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bjnieuwboer May 6, 2013 09:25

Scrambled data in exported Fluent mesh from ICEM CFD
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Hi All,

I'm trying to create my first model for OPENFOAM using ICEM CFD 13.0 as meshing software. I've created a rectangular box and created a 20 by 20 mesh inside. I've exported this mesh as a Fluent-mesh using the steps described in by dhananjay1287. In a later stage I can convert this to a OPENFOAM-mesh. However, the msh-file shows 20 time the same point and then shows 20 times another point. This gives off course an error in OPENFOAM.

I've attached my folder of the whole ICEM project, including the uns-file and the msh-file. Is there someone that knows what I did wrong. Or is it a bug in ICEM CFD?

bjnieuwboer October 18, 2013 06:56

After a while I took another approach. This mesh was a 2D mesh and saved as such in the Fluent exporter of ICEM. A 3D mesh was exported correctly to a fluent mesh and imported correctly into OpenFoam.

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