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rasekh64 May 16, 2013 08:06

how to add aonther part in gemotry workbench
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I want to simulate two cylinders with two bricks inside. one of the cylinder together with brick is stationary and the other is rotary. They are adjacent to each other. To have a better insight, I have attached a section of the problem (the wire frame is selected to show the brick inside). To the present time, I drew only the stationary part. It is required that the rotary cylinder is considered as an another body.
The face split is only for surfaces. do you know other function to do a for volume part?

I would be appreciated if you help me.


diamondx May 17, 2013 11:39

find you a plane, make a sketch and extrude... does it answer your question ? you can also just import it...

rasekh64 May 17, 2013 13:39


Originally Posted by diamondx (Post 428312)
find you a plane, make a sketch and extrude... does it answer your question ? you can also just import it...

Dear Ali,

Actually the problem was that i didn't active the frozen section while extruding the surface!! it works now. can u plz tell me what freezing a body means in Ansys?!! can it be troublesome in meshing?

Thanks in advance


diamondx May 17, 2013 14:55

From the ansys documentation:


The Freeze feature is an advanced modeling tool available from the Tools menu. Freeze has two applications: it allows for an alternative method for assembly modeling with multiple body parts, and it allows you to "slice" a given part into several sub-volumes (e.g., sweepable volumes for hex meshing).

Normally, a 3D solid feature operates like this:

Create the bodies of the 3D feature (e.g., the body or bodies of an Extrude feature).

Merge the feature bodies with the existing model via Boolean operations:

Add Material

Cut Material

Imprint Faces

The Freeze feature allows you to control the second step. It acts as a separator in the construction history as displayed in the Tree Outline. Any bodies created for features before a Freeze will become frozen. Frozen bodies are denoted by the ice cube icon next to a body under the Bodies branch of the Tree Outline. All frozen bodies will be ignored when it comes to the Add, Cut, or Imprint Material operation of any features following the Freeze.

The solid features offer an additional Boolean operation:

Slice Material

In contrast to Add and Cut, the Slice Material operation is only available when the model consists entirely of frozen bodies. Also, in the case of Slice Material, the Freeze separator does not hide bodies from the Boolean operation.

tec July 27, 2015 11:22

Creating separated body parts from an imported geometry
Hi all,

I have imported a geometry from solidworks and it is one body part in ANSYS transient structural. I want to create separated body parts from this geometry (select certain parts of the geometry and create a separated body). Any suggestions on how this can be done?


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