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geekyanalyst May 18, 2013 04:26

ICEM CFD package
Hi, Is it possible to install only ICEM CFD software without having any other ANSYS software on my computer.

Thanks !

diamondx May 18, 2013 08:24

i don't think so !

Far May 18, 2013 12:46

Yes it is possible

diamondx May 18, 2013 13:14

like checking just icem during the installation ??

Far May 18, 2013 14:12

Yes. I did it when I had very slow computer (512 MB RAM and 2.4 GHZ intel 4 processor :eek:) and I wanted to learn ICEM 12 and was still using fluent 6.3

mjgraf May 19, 2013 20:06

using the recent installers and selecting only a specific package there is still a base set of software installed (there are no options to NOT install them). All the shared routines (licensing etc.), framework, etc. and the big one Workbench (even if you never use it!). I am sure there a few more in there.

Note the size of downloading the ICEM CFD only installer and look at all the extra software in there. The download is 2.6GB. Even after installing, ICEM CFD only uses 1GB of installed space.

This is why we just get the Full iso images instead of all the individual packages. Each individual package has this 1.5+ GB of "extra".

geekyanalyst May 20, 2013 21:17


Thank you for your times to respond. I have got my answer from what you all have posted. Now I will advance accordingly.

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