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nauman55 May 19, 2013 13:42

export icem cfd mesh to ansys static structural
i have created an unstructured mesh in icem cfd for fluent. now i want only the surface mesh to be imported in ansys mechanical model. need guidance in this regards

Far May 24, 2013 14:52

only surface mesh? If this is the case, delete volume mesh and export surface mesh.

nauman55 May 24, 2013 16:54

sir i have an unstructured mesh for CFD in ICEM CFD. i also have an FEM mesh to import pressure profiles for 1 way fsi. now i want to do import the same cfd mesh created in icem cfd as my FEM mesh to ensure the precise mapping of cfd mesh over fem mesh.

rohitpauriyal July 30, 2014 11:14

i am doing the same problem.if anyone has got the solution do reply please.

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