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Marion May 24, 2013 01:58

Named selections - is there a quick way to do it?
Hi everyone,

I am a Gambit / Fluent user, and I use Workbench with Design Modeler and Ansys Meshing from time to time for specific projects, especially when the mesh is not too complex (with large, complex meshes I've never been satisfied by the mesh in Ansys Meshing).

This time I am carrying out an FSI simulation, on a simple case. And even with this I find it so time consuming. A simple operation like selecting faces for my named selections is very frustrating:
1. click on the face
2. right click - named selection
3. in the Named Selection panel, click "apply" so that the face is actually selected + write a name
4. click on "generate"

and then do that again for... 18 faces. :eek:

Therefore I was wondering: is there a way to avoid clicking on "generate" for each named selection?

I really dont see the point of losing time over something like that. But I am not an expert in Ansys Design Modeler, so there may be a quicker way.

Thank you,


siw May 24, 2013 02:16

I find it better to apply the Named Selections in Meshing rather than DesignModeler. Then you do not need to click 'Generate'. Also they are in a sub-branch in the Outline tree so do not make the Outline over populated as you can select the minus sign next to Named Selections. I also find it easier to apply Named Selections on internal objects inside a fluid domain in Meshing rather than in DM.

Marion May 24, 2013 10:05

Thanks a lot siw! This trick does help.


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