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alcrlpe June 1, 2013 00:59

My first mesh in Ansys (for a NACA0012)
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I'm having problems trying to do a structured mesh for an airfoil
If you could help me I would be really grateful

I'm trying to get this:

I've followed this tutorial

But, at the time of getting the mesh, it doesn't take into account the sizings I imposed, I don't know the reason. I've followed that tutorial step by step. But all I get is the mesh I attached.

As you can see, it does not follow the sizings at all, it does what it wants even though I defined everyting. What I have to do? I've already thought about changing the global settings but I don't get any results...

That mesh is really inefficient, since far away from the wing I have even smaller mesh elements, which is ridiculous, I'm trying just the opposite, get bigger elements far from the perturbed flow zone.
I'm a beginner in this but I'm already desperate...

I hope someone can help me! Thank you

alcrlpe June 2, 2013 13:57

No one could help me please? at least some hint, what I have to do to make de edge sizings work... I've activated them but the mesh performs it like they were not there. Actually in some zones it does, but in others it doesn't.

flotus1 June 3, 2013 05:08


Edge Bias
It is important to make sure that the edge divisions to this point are biased towards the center of the mesh: otherwise you may run into some problems later. If your mesh does not match the pictures in the tutorial, make sure to change the parameters of the mesh to make sure that they do: this might mean choosing different edges for the different biasing types than those outlined in this tutorial.
You will have to try how the edges in your model are oriented.
Some of the edges in your mesh seem to have the wrong bias type. For example the vertical edge seems to have small-large-small instead of small-large.


Select Behavior > Hard
Try to apply this to all edge sizings.

From time to time, it might be helpful to right-click on the mesh and clear the generated data.

alcrlpe June 3, 2013 18:32

The problem was not in the meshing process (bias where right), but in the geometry. When creating 4 quadrants, I didn't split the axis, I did it altogether, and it looks it's wrong.

Anyway, thanks for the answer!

Nour1315 September 12, 2016 13:34

Hello, I am having the same problem, could you explain how you solved it?

Nour1315 September 12, 2016 16:31

nvm it works by selecting the lower of overlapping edges

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