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hadrien51 June 5, 2013 10:34

problem volume mesh with STL
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Hi everybody

I try to mesh the volume around a stl, it is a car.

-first I was thinking that with a delauney was ok, creating a box around the stl and meshing the box and adding the stl mesh inside. But it don't work, I can let my workstation running 2 or 3 days but ansys not succeed to fill the volume.

-second using the tutorial of how to import stl (aorte), trim/seg surface, extract curves..... and after curvature/proximity and octree mesh (without forget "close gap") but the result is horrible and with lot of holes.

-third with the 2D mesh method suitable for this case, shrinkwrap, but it don't work neither

I post 2 pictures to show that exist gaps in the original stl, but I almost sure that I am not the only one working with this kind of input with smalls gaps and holes.

any idea or suggestion are welcome

thank you

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