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domenicoBUFF June 9, 2013 17:47

create face from vertex rows

Relativ new on mesh thing. Do you think it may be appropriate to create a face in Gambit (in the geometry phase) from a file containing the coordinates x,y,z of several points (becoming vertex in Gambit by reading the file), if the geometry to be described by those points is very irregular-shaped?

Also, how important is the order of the points, when selected to create the face (after importing the file), in such irregular-shaped case? For example, if I want two different rows of vertex (which will contribute to first create edges, then the face) close each other, then I need to select back-to-back those vertex that are actually close each other, correct?

However, what about the generation of the edges? In a complex geometry, the rows that are far each other (e.g. one of the first and last generated, but not exactly the first and last that directly contribute to edges) will contribute to the edges ''giving'' their first and last point, so I expect they will alter the geometry I actually want, correct?

Lastly, More rows, with less points each as a consequence, can better approximate the geometry I actually want, correct?

Many thanks, and best regards

-mAx- June 10, 2013 07:13

did you try "create face from vertex rows"?

domenicoBUFF June 10, 2013 09:53

yes, thank you

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