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egge24 June 11, 2013 10:27

Error exporting Cutcell mesh
Hi everyone!

Im working in a workbench project where I was cretating several meshes, channels with different characteristics, and everything was going perfect.

I was importing geometries, editing and creating Cutcel meshes with ANSYS Meshing, but suddenly I wasn't able to export any mesh. I keep reciving the same Error message:

An exception occurred during mesh file export. Please send your data to your support provider.

Does anybody know why is this happening? and, how can I solve it?

I'm using student version 14.5.7, it also happens with version 14.0



imrannazir July 3, 2013 20:44

Exception Error
I am also getting same Error.
Do any one have some reason?

Please reply. I am hooked up.


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