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feizaghaee June 22, 2013 17:33

merging hexa meshes
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hi all. I'm trying to mesh a channel by blocking. this channel contains two regions. when I mesh these two parts by blocking and try to merge them ICEM says that:
only 2 regions can be merged
currently there > 3 regions
I attached a pic. I accurately specify the size of mesh on the interface.
please help me!

FJSJ June 23, 2013 07:23


ICEM canīt merge hexa/hexa mesh, at least, one of these mesh has to be tetra/tri mesh. Anyway, why donīt you try to do all of this with a blocking?

nitinbansal184 June 24, 2013 07:55

last time i am able to achieve minimum mesh quality of 0.5....try simple's not difficult

feizaghaee June 24, 2013 15:56

thanks a lot.

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