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karthikeyansd01 June 24, 2013 02:52

Meshing error
Hi,I am newbie to ANSYS.I have a not so complicated structure to do static structural analysis in APDL.But the problem is I just couldnt mesh it!I have tried to decrease the size of the mesh too but in vain.
When I try to mesh,it reports that " <some no.> of triangles which are not adjacent are intersecting.Reduce the mesh size and remesh" and when i reduce the size and remesh,it reports"an unexpected error has occurred and ANSYS is not able to recover" and it closes.
And the part is imported as an IGES file.
I tried importing smaller pieces of the part and mesh and have figured out where the problem really is.And i tried to reduce the element size in those parts of the volume by using "Manual size" in Areas and picking the req areas bounding the required volume.It didnt work out though.
Is this the right way?Please help me out.
Thanks in advance :)

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