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lbrumf2 June 24, 2013 16:29

Geometry help
Hello All,

I am trying to design a simple 2D model. The simulation is to be a heated flat plate to observe buoyancy driven flow. So, the top of the domain is to be fluid with a solid (heated) surface underneath.

The problem is that I am trying to model a micron scale asymmetric structured surface that is basically a repeated asymmetric triangle. So I need the fluid domain to match/mirror the solid surface. I can model the solid, but I cannot seem to get the fluid sketch to work. I am pretty new to FLUENT so please don't overlook a simple solution.

I have also tried doing this in Solidworks. I modeled the fluid and solid domains as separate parts then mate them, but I cannot mate 2D drawings so I extruded them a small amount. When I try to mesh it, the computer freezes.

Please help!

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