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luissanchez June 25, 2013 07:21

Extrude mesh
Hi all, tanks for this forum.

Im new in ICEM-CFD. I want to mesh a bodie with same mesh between faces.

I try to do a 2d mesh in one faces and modify this until its prepared, but my problem comes i dont know how i can do this 2d mesh to a 3d mesh in the bodie. I try to extrude this mesh( into the edit mesh tab) but the elements come out.

Tanks for the help.

kad June 25, 2013 08:08

Probably you are extruding with a fixed spacing, which is larger than your geometries thickness. Try the method "extrude along curve" and set bunching params on the extrude curve before. Also see the icem manual for further information.

FJSJ June 25, 2013 08:22

Hi luissanchez,

I think you are using tools wrong. If you want to get the same mesh in 2 surfaces, try to make a 3D blocking. This example itīs not difficult. Or... you can try with 2D planar blocking and then extrude it with Blocking -> Create Blcok -> 2D to 3D

Then you can use, Extrude Mesh, under Edit Mesh bar. Personally, Iīve never tried but maybe in your case It can be well.

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