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calculate June 25, 2013 08:48

Pipe (thinwalled) in a block
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here is my first try with ICEM CFD.

I'm Civil Engineer and my daily work is more
in structural than CFD.
Therefore I'm using usually shell and beam elements
for calculation.

Now, there is a problem which makes the use of
volume elements affordable.

There is an part of an masonry ring (7 m diameter) with
an cantilever pipe clamped.
Between the pipe 193.7 x 8 mm and the masonry (and 5 cm deeper) is a ring of mortar (29 cm diameter).

My wish is, to get only a hexa mesh for these three elements (materials).
The pipe should be 1 - max 2 element thick and the elements for pipe and mortar should be oriented in a circle mesh in the block of masonry.

I've tried a little bit, but I don't find out the right blocking for good meshing.
Especially for the pipe I found no usefull solution.

Is there anybody out there ... who can give me some hints.


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