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cesarjets July 5, 2013 18:23

Gambit Mesh
it would be possible to export a geometry and mesh from Gambit to OpenFoam?
Thanks much:)

-mAx- July 8, 2013 00:40

yes it is.
Write your mesh for fluent solver (*.msh), then in OF use fluent3DMeshToFoam or fluentMeshToFoam

cesarjets July 8, 2013 14:44

Gambit mesh
so, it means that what I would have to write in a terminal is:

fluent3DMeshToFoam or fluentMeshToFoam


Thanks much, I appreciate it:)

-mAx- July 9, 2013 00:58

yes but with your mesh file as argument at the end:

> fluent3DMeshToFoam your_mesh.msh
> fluentMeshToFoam your_mesh.msh

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